January 12, 2018

This exciting new research proves that PND can be overcome by women quicker, if they participate in a group which sings together. 

That is music to our ears because we've seen so many women come through the doors at that pivotal time in their lives when young babies dominate every thought and second. 

To switch off, to unite in song, to focus on something totally different, and 'you', is clearly a useful tonic. 

If you know anyone who is suffering alone and loves singing, please tell them about us!

August 14, 2017

nůmama was conceived back in the summer of 2009 by two young and displaced British mums in Singapore who discovered they shared something in common beyond a dislike of dirty nappies and sleepless nights.... A love of singing.

It was created to be a daytime community choir for mums (or mums-to-be) where they could do something for themselves and challenge themselves in a way that was different from the wonderful but sometimes tiring existence of raising small children.

The overarching goal is to provide a fun, warm and nurturing environment for beginners to learn and experiment, for novices to build on their experience and to give Beyonce wannabes a platform on which to showcase their under-utilised talent.

When Camilla returned to...

August 14, 2017

Trying to remember who we are and what we love to do amidst the chaos of motherhood is a crucial lesson.

Singing is just that for me. It is uplifting, fun, challenging, rewarding. I sing because nothing beats coming together with others, united by music to provide the best buzz going.

I joined a choir when my oldest boy was 6 months. It was a chance to get out of the house and do something for me. So much more than music, it was a support group. We understood eachother’s sleepless nights. We laughed over leaking boobs. We sang to forget how awful our night had been. Leaving the room after a choir session, I felt I’d been to therapy.

The physical and mental positive effects that group singing can have on you are nothing new. But it...

May 9, 2017

It's always lovely to hear how much people love coming to choir.  Here are some of the feedback we've had over the years... 

"I joined Numama for the joy of singing, hoping my little one wouldn't mind my screeching too much! It's become so much more. The kids happily play together whilst we sing (often accompanied by various 'drums'!) and we've all bonded so well that we even managed a public performance after only 9 weeks! I never thought it would be possible but the clever song choices and unending encouragement from Camilla and Dani has drawn together our motley crew into an actual choir, wow! See you next term, can't wait." Francesca 

"Numama is a great opportunity to sing your heart out whilst your little ones are e...

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