Don't just take my word for it... singing with numama is FUN!

It's always lovely to hear how much people love coming to choir. Here are some of the feedback we've had over the years...

"I joined Numama for the joy of singing, hoping my little one wouldn't mind my screeching too much! It's become so much more. The kids happily play together whilst we sing (often accompanied by various 'drums'!) and we've all bonded so well that we even managed a public performance after only 9 weeks! I never thought it would be possible but the clever song choices and unending encouragement from Camilla and Dani has drawn together our motley crew into an actual choir, wow! See you next term, can't wait." Francesca

"Numama is a great opportunity to sing your heart out whilst your little ones are entertaining themselves. Really fun and enjoyable whilst improving your singing voice too! :)" Rachel

"I do hope you are planning to continue Numama next term. I love it. I think the format and venue you currently have at the moment works perfectly. Everyone is so nice and friendly." Louise

"I think that the choir is such a wonderful concept - thank you so much for taking the initiative, very inspiring." Sarah

"Numama is a wonderful thing in my mummy-centric life! A choir that you can bring your child / children to - now that often raises eyebrows! But somehow it really works, and it's great fun! There's no pressure at all; the main focus is just having a bit of time out with some like-minded lovely ladies with a little bit of harmony thrown in. And there's some yummy little treats to get us all started too!" Sarah

"This group is my own personal therapy. I look forward to every Wednesday morning knowing that I can sing my little heart out, learn some fantastic songs, smile and giggle at the children playing and singing along with us and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has a soft spot for a tune. I can't wait for the second term to start and see all my lovely choir ladies. Thank you Camilla." Kelly

"You need this in your lives....Numama is such a warm friendly environment for children to play and adults to belt out a tune, and occasionally the other way round too. In no time at all Camilla and Dani turned us from some mums who wanted to sing for fun into a choir that even did a concert. No pressure just lots of croissants, tea, giggles and crescendos!!" Kate

"Numama choir is just what I didn't know I was looking for! A fantastic fun group of ladies all with a shared enjoyment of singing (and coffee/tea/croissants!). I wasn't sure how numama would work at first but it really does work. The children all happily play together while the mums sing through and rehearse some great songs - nothing too serious and some really current stuff I used to sing along in the car to. Some of the children join in with the singing from time to time or have a little jig about in time to the music which is so cute. Otherwise, they just play (and occasionally come up with new and inventive ways to distract us all!). There is no issue at all if anyone needs to break away to sort out their children - our poor conductor knows very well that she has less than our full attention! I am really looking forward to the new term to see what fab music Camilla has found for us now." Sara

"Something for me, but that my little one enjoys just as much. We get to sing and no-one minds us dashing off to help our little ones mid phrase. It's so laid back, the kids make quite a racket at times, but we're all keen to make a good sound so it's the best of both worlds. We absolutely love it. Can't wait to start the new term." Kate

"I haven't been in a choir since school, I had such happy memories that when I saw Numama, I thought I would give it a go with my very energetic 2 year old boy! I can't say enough good things about it! The songs get you from the start, the children play happily in the middle of our circle, the group is a varied friendly bunch of lovely ladies, and the coffee and croissant at the beginning is the perfect start to the lesson. We had our first performance after only 9 weeks and gave us all a buzz for weeks! Such a great idea! Thanks Camilla, you have given Sevenoaks mums a voice!" Michelle